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Functional Architecture

The Library of Laos builds libraries, and includes stock of books, computers and internet in the basic project. Each cost $40,000. The local People's committees and officials provide the land and site preparation to included unexploded bomb and mine clearance where necessary. From the day of dedication forward, the security, operation, and maintenance are paid for by the Lao people.

The standard design is key to our concept. It features a distinctive roof line, handicapped access ramps, outdoor balcony with an open study. The meeting and assembly area on the first floor. Books and computers are on the second floor to avoid potential flooding in the monsoon season.

First Library in Laos is at Pakse in Chammpassak Province .
Dedicated on March, 2004.

Distinctive Design

The distinctive look is unique and provides an architectural signature to our libraries. When you encounter a library anywhere in Laos, you know you are in the cooperative, friendly presence of the American Library of Laos.This recognition is essential to our larger vision of reconciliation, cooperation, and peace!


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