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First Book


Library of Vietnam

Library of Cambodia


VFW Foundation

Wall Ties & Forms, INC

Retaining Walls

Aluminum Pallets

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The Beginning in Laos

Radio broadcast announcing the Library of Laos Project on LAO NATIONAL RADIO.
On left; Dr. Chanthaphilith Chiemsisouraj, Director General, Ministry of Information and Culture, VTE Prefecture, Lao's People's Democratic Republic.
On the right; Francis J. (Chuck) Theusch, Director/Chairman, Library of Laos Project.
It was held in Vientiane Laos on April 9, 2003

Upcoming Missions:

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- MISSION #32: AUGUST 3-29, 2011

- MISSION #33 OCTOBER 13-25, 2011


Registration Form for Mission # 34 - "American Legacy Mission 2011"

- MISSION #35 MARCH 2012

- MISSION #36 NOV-DEC 2012


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